Each year, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), compiles and publicizes data from animal shelters, rescues, and organizations around the state. These statistics show, among other things, the number of animals taken in and the number of animals adopted out over the year. Take a look at our numbers from 2016! We are super proud of our 99.30% Live Release Rate!

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Valor arrived to our shelter as a puppy in April of 2016 from the Prince George’s County Animal Services in Maryland. It became clear early on that Valor had a neurological condition that affected his coordination and mobility.┬áHe didn’t know anything was different about him however, and was a happy, normal puppy! We worked hard to make sure he had the medical and rehabilitation services that he needed. Fast forward to today and Valor has found the perfect forever family that loves him exactly as he is!

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