This is a brand new endeavour, and there are sure to be a LOT of questions! Hopefully we can answer most of your burning inquiries below! If you have further questions, please email PLAYCAFE@Fredspca.org



How many animals will there be to play with?

The health and happiness of our animals is our top priority, so the number of animals can vary at any given time. We will try and have 10 – 15 puppies or kittens to interact with during reservations.


How much is admission?

$15 for 1 hours
$8 for 30 minute walk ins (when available)


What payments do you accept?
Credit cards, debit cards, and cash.


Why do I have to pay to play?

Unlike the traditional for-profit cat cafes, we do not use rescues to simply populate and profit. WE ARE THE RESCUE. Your money goes directly back into saving the lives of the animals you are about to meet. From food to forever homes, you are the community that has said YES to saving lives, and establishing the human animal bond in a new and creative way. We are a registered 501C3 Non-Profit that has to raise all of the money we need to save lives.

We could simply ask you for a donation of $15 – or we could try and give you this amazing experience for a donation of $15! 


What is the point of this?

The cafe itself has multifaceted purpose!

Provide a space to save lives? (check)

Provide a fun and interactive offsite adoption area? (check)

Increases positive socialization during the sensitive period of baby animals? (check)

Raise money to help save more animals just like them? (check)

Have a coffee or tea while enjoying the best (and cheapest) form of therapy? (check)

Make your friends super jealous of your Insta feed? (check)


Kittens under 8 weeks old are one of the most euthanized populations in the United States, being euthanized by the hundreds of thousands every year. You can read more about the Kitten Crisis by the Kitten Lady here: http://www.kittenlady.org/kittencrisis . The FredSPCA is partnering with local shelters across Virginia and DC to try and increase life saving rates of our community. The cafe is an extension of our mission, providing shelter and an interactive way to meet new families in a fun way. The money we raise goes back to helping vulnerable and homeless animals. We have already taken a startling number of more than 300 puppies into our care since January.


How many people are allowed inside at once?

The health and happiness of our animals is our top priority – so we will be limiting the number of people per reservation to ensure a calm and fun atmosphere. We want everyone to be able to experience the magic of animal interactions, so we will try and maintain a good human – animal ratio. Therefore we are limiting reservations to 15 people per time slot.


Can I bring my own animal?

No, we have enough here 🙂


Are your animals vaccinated?

Yes, our animals are given their age appropriate vaccinations by our veterinarian and animal care staff. They are all spayed/neutered. They have been treated for worms, ear mites, fleas and ticks.


Can I surrender my animal there?

No, we are not set up to intake animals at the SPCA Play Cafe. If you are in need of rehoming your animal, please visit Fredspca.org/Rehome to learn about our intake process.


Don’t the animals get stressed and anxious?

Our Placement Team and Animal Care Team work very hard to assess the personalities of our animals to determine who would do well in a social environment, and who could benefit from an opportunity to be socialized in a communal environment. FredSPCA staff is always on site, fully trained, assessing and ready to mama bear any animal who is not doing well in the environment.


Is there an age requirement?

Yes, due to our liability insurance policies participants need to be 12 and older for the SPCA Play Cafe. However, our main rescue center at the Fredericksburg SPCA (10819 Courthouse Rd) remains with plenty of opportunities for supervised children to interact with animals. We have open cat rooms with books available to read to cats and outdoor activities like Adventure Tails program to take a dog out for the day! We also have our Compassionate Care Camp registration opening soon for the littles in your life!


Can I pick up and hold the animals?

Woah there, Nellie. While we want you to have an awesome experience, we know that we would get super annoyed if people were constantly picking us up and putting us down randomly, so we ask that you refrain from hoisting the animals up all willy-nilly. Staff and volunteers will be on site to assess the animals who may enjoy being held, and to assist you. It’s not a no, but please expect to respect the animals wishes.


Can I bring my own food?

Our animals can be sneaky beggars, and we do not want them getting in anything that can make them sick. We ask that you enjoy meals before coming into the cafe, and spend your time at PLAY enjoying the animals. We will be partnering with Joe Muggs to provide the option to purchase a beverage or cookies!


How does the cafe portion work if you have animals?

We are partnering with our next-door neighbor, Books-A-Million and Joe Muggs to bring you fresh, delicious coffee! We ask that you arrive early to check out the menu and place your order, so that when your reservation starts you can enjoy the animals while we fetch you a bevvy and hand deliver it to you during your reservation!


Can I bring treats for the animals?

While we appreciate thought, we need to monitor what our animals ingest in order to keep them safe and healthy! We will have treats approved by our Animal Care Team available for a donation at the cafe so you can bribe the animals to love you more than your friends.


Can I volunteer?

HECK YES. Visit Fredspca.org/VolunteerPlay to learn about our open positions!

Can I book a private event?

Book an event where you and your squad can have the animals all to yourselves?! Absolutely. Email PlayCafe@fredspca.org for more details!


Will I know if I get to play with puppies or kittens when I book my reservation?
While things can quickly change in the world of animal rescue, we will be opening up reservations ahead of time, and are going to put what species should be available for each weekend. As it stands, we will have puppies in the cafe May 3/4/5, May 10/11/12 and June 28/29/30 – the rest of the dates will be kittens.


Can I adopt?

Yes! You can fill out an adoption application at the cafe after you meet with an animal. Adoptions from the cafe will happen on Sundays from 5:30pm – 7:30 pm. Matchmakers will be onsite to complete adoptions. Puppies must have a collar and a leash (can be purchased at the cafe) to leave and kittens must have a collar and a carrier (can be purchased at the cafe) to leave.


All of our animals are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, spayed/neutered, dewormed, given flea preventative and ear mite treatment. To learn more about the adoption process visit Fredpsca.org/adopt.


Do you have WIFI?
Thanks to Rappahannock IT we indeed have Wi-Fi!

What if all the kittens/puppies are sleeping?
Cats are crepuscular (appearing or active in twilight) mammals and can sleep up to 16 hours a day! While we are providing a space to interact with them, we ask that you respect their needs and don’t wake them forcefully from their naps. (This does not mean that they can’t take that nap in your lap, hint hint). Puppies play hard and nap harder, but they sure do look cute doing both!


What if I can no longer make my reservation? Do you give refunds?

By making a reservation you are making a contribution to the Fredericksburg SPCA a 501c(3) non-profit organization that goes back to our lifesaving work. We can’t offer refunds with the system we are using, so please double, triple check that you are free to play with puppies or kittens that day! 


If you have further questions, please email PLAYCAFE@Fredspca.org