Sick and Wellness Exams



Here at the Fredericksburg SPCA’s Community Medical Center, we know your animals health is top priority. We are excited to open our doors for affordable veterinary care to the community!

We offer ‘Wellness’ and ‘Sick’ appointments every Thursday from 8:30am – 3pm. It is walk in only, no appointment necessary.

A ‘Wellness exam’ will be for those animals that are in good overall health. During these exams, vaccinations can be updated, HW testing, Flea/Tick/Heartworm medication can be purchased, and a thorough physical exam is performed.

‘Sick animal exams’ are for animals that have an ongoing illness. This includes chronic conditions that are being managed daily, or for those feeling under the weather. We offer blood work, fecals, ear cytology, urinalysis and skin scrapes.

We look forward to meeting you and caring for your pets.