Adventure Tails

Adventure Tails is an avenue to give our most stressed, long term residents a day off out of the chaos of shelter life! It gives them a way to show their personalities outside of the shelter environment and  a way for us to get information that we would not otherwise get (how are they around bicycles, on a leash etc).
It provides enrichment for our dogs AND our community!
Can’t adopt but still want to be around animals?! Come take out a dog (or cat) for the day!
The Adventure Tails programs breaks down so many barriers for our community AND our animals! Come into the shelter today to sign up!

Dogs like Hambone can get depressed in the shelter environment! Adventure Tails has been one of his favorite ways to get outdoors, exercise, stimulate his senses, socialize and decompress from the chaotic environment that living in a shelter can often come with!