Help Protect Farm Animals From Preventable Fires

While we may only have dogs and cats in our care, we here at the Fredericksburg SPCA care about the lives of ALL animals! We would like to use this blog to help shed light on additional animal welfare organizations and campaigns in the hopes of aiding their cause. We recently received correspondence from United Poultry Concerns, INC. located in Machipongo, Virginia about a proposed amendment to the Standards of Animal Housing Facilities for farmed animals by the National Fire Protection Association.

Being burned alive is a terrible way to die. Yet millions of chickens, turkeys and other animals burn to death each year in buildings they can’t escape from. For example, in January of this year, nearly 300,000 egg-laying hens were trapped in a massive fire on a farm in La Grange, Wisconsin where they all died a painful death (Source).

Nearly 7,000 farmed animal housing fires occur each year in the United States. Walled up in their prisons, the animals shriek, bang against the bars of their cages, panic and pile on one another in their pain and terror.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is considering an amendment that would require all newly-constructed animal housing facilities to be equipped with sprinklers and smoke control systems. This amendment is, of course, opposed by lobbyists for big agribusiness. They would rather let animals burn to death than waste money on mercy.

So how can you help?!

The NFPA is inviting written public comment. They need to hear from people who care. Please urge the NFPA to amend their 150 Standard for Fire & Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities to require sprinklers and smoke control systems in all newly-constructed animal housing facilities holding “Category B” animals. (“NFPA 150 divides animals into two major categories. Category-A animals are those that pose a potential risk to the health and/or safety of handlers, rescuers, or the general public; animals that cannot be removed without potential risk to the health and welfare of the animal or other animals; animals that are physically impossible or impractical to move; animals that are not mobile or are placed in a mobile enclosure; or those that cannot be safely released or directed to an area of refuge. Category-B animals includes all animals not identified as Category-A. Source) No animal should ever be forced to die helplessly in a preventable fire.


Submission deadlines: The closing date for paper submittals is 4/11/2014 and the closing date for online submittals is 5/16/2014.

Address paper submittals to:

Linda Fuller, Recording Secretary for Standards Council

National Fire Protection Association

1 Batterymarch Park

Quincy, MA 02169

Telephone number: 617-770-3000, Fax: 617-770-0700


To submit your comment online, go to

Help speak for those who can’t speak for themselves!


  1. Debbie Stone says

    Please stop all animals from being burned alive. This is a horrible way to have to die and every preventative method should be used to make sure this is stopped. All animal housing should be equipped with sprinklers and smoke control systems. There is enough cruelty that goes on in these animals lives, they should not have to worry about being burned to death.

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